Visualizations are essential to change process

Written by Tessa Torgeson, in collaboration with Clarity Counseling

This month, Clarity Counseling is focusing on the complex process of change because we want to support you. We want to be there to encourage you to successfully reach your goals. Last week, we discussed how change begins with small starts.

Visualizations photo by Tessa Torgeson

These small starts are important because they build your confidence and help propel you along the path towards change. Small starts begin to feel like small victories.

You continue jumping through barriers along the path to change, yet often encounter another one. It can be easy to get discouraged. It can be easy to fall back into old habits-especially deeply embedded patterns of thinking and behaving.

At this point you know you do not want to fall back into old habits. Instead, you want to move forward, continuing want to build momentum in your path towards change. You want to cement your success. This can be done through visualizations. Visualizations are crucial in the change process because they help make it real.

For example, building off of last week’s example of striving for more balance, create an image of someone you respect. Think of a role model who has balance in his or her life that is not tethered to work or play, but has time for both.

Now imagine yourself as your role model. In order to really engage in visualization, you need to engage your senses. Imagine what you will look like as a balanced person. The bags under your eyes from lack of sleep are replaced with vivacious, glowing skin. Instead of yawning and feeling exhausted, you feel engaged, fully present in the moment.  Imagine sounds, too. Play your favorite music that makes you feel balanced. Imagine conversations with friends or family that you rarely get to see. Smell the delicious meals that you have time to cook now. Taste and enjoy.

Connect with feelings that are entwined with your senses, too. Perhaps you now have more time to reconnect with your hobbies. Your friends and family comment that you seem calmer. Take a vacation or spend a vacation day at home in your pajamas relaxing. Feel a tide of calmness wash over you. Revel in the joy of balancing work, obligations, responsibilities, and fun.

What may have felt insurmountable transforms to feeling tangible. You are likely to encounter barriers, but visualization reminds you that there is always light ahead as depicted in this photo.

Visualizations are amazing motivators for change and reaching our goals. Visualizations are powerful, but can be challenging. Both Marty and Trish Tallakson help their clients visualize change because they want to help you make change real in order to create a better tomorrow.




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