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New Year’s Resolutions

Written by Tessa Torgeson in collaboration with Clarity Counseling The New Year has decidedly arrived–bringing with it a blanket of snow, subzero temperatures, and beautiful, pearlescent layers of hoar frost depicted in the photo with this blog. Hoar frost is a powerful metaphor for New Year’s resolutions. Both have humble...
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Gift Giving During the Holidays

Written in collaboration with Clarity Counseling, by Tessa Torgeson Gift giving during the holidays can be a tangled and complicated endeavor that takes away from the true meaning of the holidays. Many people are familiar with insecurity, stress, and financial woes associated with holiday shopping. Yet, it does not have...
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Clarity Counseling and how to choose a counselor

Clarity Counseling in Fargo knows that choosing a counselor is not easy. All counselors are not create equal, and research shows having a good relationship with your counselor plays the biggest role in the effectiveness of counseling. If you are lucky enough to have friends who have sought out counseling...
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Clarity Counseling…Emphasis on Clarity!

People like you come to Clarity Counseling when something in their life isn’t working.  Sometimes, they’ve struggled for a long time and exhausted all their options.  Other times something big has just happened, and they are overwhelmed by it and don’t know what to do.  And still other times, friends...
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